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Journey for Blood and Gold-Dante Darkheart's Atlantic Origin

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Dante Darkheart

Joined: 12 Jul 2012
Posts: 161
Location: Jhelom and Red Fang Pointe

PostPosted: Wed Jan 23, 2013 12:26 am Post subject: Journey for Blood and Gold-Dante Darkheart's Atlantic Origin Reply with quote

Origins on Catskills

A Prologue: The Departure
The following events take place on the Catskills Shard.

Day 1: Evil Dante, in disguise, begins inciting riots in Yew.

Day 6: Allen Klawstor is contracted by the Royal Britannian Guard to quell the riots in Yew.

Day 9: Allen fails to stop Evil Dante from burning down the Healers Shop.

Day 13: Allen fails to stop Evil Dante from looting the Alchemists shop.

Day 14: Allen sends for guidance from Good Dante.

Day 16: Good Dante arrives. He instructs Allen and the Yew guard to no longer patrol but rather stand sentry at buildings too important to lose.

Day 17: Evil Dante incites scattered riots by detonating several kegs of purple potions. However, the riots are quickly quelled despite heavy damages and casualties.

Day 19: Evil Dante dispatches his favored progeny, Marie De'Custeau, to gather information and to eventually kill Allen at his most vulnerable.

Day 22: Marie manages to infiltrate Allen's camp posing as a nurse. Dante continues inciting riots. Allen and his crew manage to stop most of the riots.

Day 23: While feeding off a member of Allen's crew Good Dante catches Marie. Good Dante takes her to his personal home in neighboring Aegis. From there he plans to interrogate her. Instead she breaks free and strangles him with her chains. She poses the body in a corner of the room as if he had accidentally died during auto erotic asphyxiation. She returns to Allen's camp after sending word to Evil Dante.

Day 24: Evil Dante is infuriated and sets fire to the Abbey. Allen and his men rush to the Abbey in time to put out the fire and give chase to the only Dante Darkheart left. Dante kills a few men in the chase but is eventually cornered and subdued by Allen. Dante is brought to the Yew Prison to be held before trial.

Day 25: The wraith Elms Grimswood visits Dante in his cell. Dante informs Elms to keep the riots going. Elms returns to Deepwater Horizon and rallies Dante's remaining minions.

Day 26: The riots continue. Many of the rioters are arrested and put in the Yew Prison with Dante. Dante begins ghouling and turning some of the inmates into vampires.

Day 28: Good Dante's body is found and is ruled a suicide as Marie had inserted herself into the investigating team. No one suspects foul play and the details surrounding the death are kept quiet to the public.

Day 29: Allen arranges a funeral for his mentor burying him just outside his former home in Aegis. The funeral is interrupted by the necromantic orc named Brok'Orba. Allen protects Marie from a raised skeletal knight. Later that night Marie seduces Allen further gaining his trust.

Day 31: One of the other inmates and Allen's own brother, Verbals Klawstor, reveals a secret to Dante of a gem on another shard that would allow a vampire to comfortably walk in the sun. Dante had seen these types of gems in the past but all of those he knew of had been destroyed on his home shard during the last purge before the masquerade.

Day 33: Dante and Verbals escape the prison during a riot they start. Dante returns to the Good Dante's abandoned home. After a few hours of rifling through some of the personal effects he gathers enough resources needed to summon a inter-shard moongate large enough to sail a galleon through. He returns to Deepwater Horizon Harbor and loads up two ships, one with all the supplies he will need in the other shard and the other with corpses and the ingredients for his spell. He uses Elms to summon Marie for help. Elms even goes so far as to stop Marie just before she kills Allen in his sleep. Allen wakes in time to find out Marie is a Vampire. Still Marie manages to escape. Dante tells her that she will cast the spell aboard the first ship and at the last moment jump to his ship to safety and to a new shard. Instead Dante enacts his revenge on his pupil by summoning the corpses back to unlife and trapping her aboard her ship. Dante casts a flame strike against Marie's ship burning it into the sea just as the gate is finally cast. Dante sails safely through the wreckage and into the gate to the next shard. Marie badly scarred still manages to swim to shore. She returns to Deepwater Horizon Harbor and takes what valuables she can and flees to lick her wounds. Within a few months Dante's other business associates abandon the harbor and go their separate ways.

Meanwhile on Atlantic.....

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Dante Darkheart

Joined: 12 Jul 2012
Posts: 161
Location: Jhelom and Red Fang Pointe

PostPosted: Wed Jan 23, 2013 12:27 am Post subject: Reply with quote

The Arrival

Day 1: Dante and his ship exit the massive moongate. His tiller man sails the ship in the day while Dante sails at night. They sail for several days until the tiller man finally spots the southern shore of Jhelom. Dante orders the tiller man to drop anchor just at the horizon of Jhelom. Later that night Dante kills feeds off of and kills the tiller man. The body is dumped overboard as Dante makes his final approach to the island city.

Day 2: Dante catches a thief named Chelsea Dagger trying to pick his pockets. He allows her to live for the time being. She takes him to the Jhelom arena for a gladiator match. Chelsea introduces Dante to her employer, an aging beauty, Gwen Ravenwood. As it turns out she is the wife to the elderly Tailor's Guild Burgomaster of Jhelom, Rogal Ravenwood. Dante is told this information by Chelsea and introduces himself as an artist. Gwen, who had been looking to commission an artist, hires Dante and brings him to the North island of Jhelom.

Day 3: Gwen begins sitting for her portrait with Dante. Dante and Gwen tell each other their life stories though both lie by omission. Dante does not reveal he is an escaped convict and vampire to boot. Gwen does not tell Dante she only married her husband for the money. Dante finishes his rough sketch on the canvas and establishes his color palette.

Day 4: Dante presents the first finished painting to Gwen who is pleased with his work. She asks him to stay on full time and continue painting for her. Dante agrees.

Day 5: Dante paints in his ships' hold during the day while Chelsea pilots. In the evening Dante attempts to get to know the population of this new shard starting with New Haven. While in New Haven he manages to impress the necromancy instructors with his knowledge of binding wraiths to his will using fetters. Unknown to Dante Chelsea is watching. The instructors given Dante a prized artifact called the Spire. As they handed it to Dante it was merely a small lead box with intricate carvings. They tell him an incantation to turn it in to a makeshift home with nearly limitless space inside.

Day 6 - 22: Chelsea sends word back to Gwen of the sorts of friends Dante is making. Dante continues on through the cities in Trammel and Felucia. He finally lands on Avatar Isle in Felucia and plants the spire in a clearing just north of the Fire Temple. He meets a few of his neighbors in the nearby town called Blackrock. His first impression is that they are not to be provoked as they seem slightly deranged and bent on world destruction. He decides to only use the locale in emergencies.

Day 24: He returns to Jhelom to drop off a few landscapes to Gwen. She finds it curious that they are all at night. Chelsea tells Gwen more of Dante's strange behavior. Gwen deduces that Dante is a vampire and confronts him. Dante does not deny his true nature. Gwen confesses that she wants to be able to preserve her beauty before she gets too old. Dante offers a trade, immortality for her fortune. Gwen agrees despite that she has no real access to the majority of her husbands funds.

Day 25: Gwen discusses the terms and conditions of her access to her husband's money with one of the shadier Ravenwood accountants. It seems the only way she will ever have control over the Ravenwood estate is upon Rogal's death. Dante meets a young woman named Raine at a tavern night. She seems innocent and Dante wants to seduce and corrupt her in the worst way. She manages to retain her virtue for the time being.

Day 27: Gwen consults with Rogal's physician. Rogal's 72 year old body appears to be in peak condition for someone his age. Unfortunately the senility has set in making him a pitiful fool. She also goes to the bank and writes up papers giving a vast amount of gold to Dante. She agrees to give it to Dante as a down payment. Gwen demands Dante's company in her bed as payment. Dante reluctantly agrees and uses this time to feed off of Gwen. Gwen believes this to be simply part of the process of turning to vampirism.

Day 28: Dante buys a house in Malas. Still he is not entirely pleased with the location as it is extremely close to Luna. Still Dante continues sleeping with Gwen.

Day 32: Gwen reveals to dante that he cannot have any more money until her husband dies. She also reveals that if he ever were murdered she would be the prime suspect. Dante hatches a plan to ghoul another and force them to not only murder Rogal but to confess a plausible motive once they are quickly caught. He selects Chelsea. At first Gwen refuses and reveals that Chelsea is in fact her sister. Dante convinces Gwen this is acceptable since she will die relatively shortly within the span of Gwen's immortal life.

Day 33: Gwen and Chelsea go for a night on he town. Gwen even allows Chelsea to wear one of her extravagant gowns. As the night winds down Gwen drugs Chelsea's drink and has a servant carry her home. Dante ghouls Chelsea and in her stupor of waking up from the drugs Gwen begins setting the home on fire. Dante pulls Chelsea from the home. He tells Chelsea she started the fire because she was jealous of the wealth Gwen married into. Gwen and Dante take Chelsea to the guards in Jhelom. They tell the guards that there was an argument between the women. Chelsea confesses and is taken into custody.

Day 35: Gwen has a small service for Rogal despite his body being turned to ashes.

Day 37: Gwen finalizes the papers passing her inheritance onto Dante. Dante gladly accepts the money without turning Gwen into a vampire.

Day 39: Chelsea, on her way to prison, is broken free during an attack by an Orc named Dan'tub. Chelsea and another prisoner named Phillip Phaegen make their way to Skara Brea.

Day 38: Gwen goes to Dante's home in Malas to demand her immortality for the money. She catches him instead with another woman. She gets into bed with the two and slits the naked woman's throat. Dante only becomes more excited with the introduction of blood. After having his fill of blood he turns his attention to Gwen making love to her on top of the dead body. He finally makes her a vampire. As her first meal as a vampire she drinks the rest of the dead woman's blood.

Day 39: Dante commissions renovations on the North Jhelom buildings. The main building is turned into a mall with a workshop on he second floor and a lavish apartment above for Gwen. Another building was re-purposed into an opium and nightshade grow house. The other three buildings were turned into a waterside warehouse, a small stable and an art studio for Dante. All of which housed modest apartments above.

Day 41: Dante acquires more land and commissions construction on the southern most peninsula of Britannia. The land lies near the shrine of honor and just a quick sail East from North Jhelom. There he replants his spire beneath the ground and builds a simple casino and tavern above it. Around the casino he erects a small port authority a hostel and a light house. On the first floor of the lighthouse he sets up a quaint tattoo parlor. Below the hostel he sets up a small distillery and a stable out front. Only one plot of land is left that is suitable for building but it is already occupied by a paranoid schizophrenic Mage. Dante sells his Malas plot as he will not be there as often.

Further Details of the Meetings....

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Dante Darkheart

Joined: 12 Jul 2012
Posts: 161
Location: Jhelom and Red Fang Pointe

PostPosted: Wed Jan 23, 2013 12:29 am Post subject: Reply with quote

The Grand Opening

Day 1: Dante prints out and post leaflets about the grand opening of his casino which he has named the Redrum Casino of Red Fang Pointe. He recruits some staff to keep the Casino stocked.

*Posted on various Bulletin Boards in the Major Cities*

Day 2: He runs into a small band of nefarious sorts that call themselves the Legion of Chaos. They are lead by a lady named Layla Vale and her bodyguard Mei who introduces herself simply as Jane. At first Dante sees these as the very types of people with which he would like to do business with. He finds humor in pointing out their apparent organization for a group devoted to Chaos.

Day 4: While sipping his wine at the cafe in New Haven he is met by Layla and Mei. They are taunted by a bystander and rather than letting it go they proceed to attack the man in full view of the public. Dante removes himself from the situation.

Day 6: Giving the Legion a second chance he goes to their training session. However the invitation had also been given to the public. Dante not wanting to reveal himself just yet allowed himself to be beaten by members of the legion particularly those using necromantic spells.

Day 8: While at a tavern night Dante lays out his disapproval for their lack of tact to Mei and Layla. He leaves and expects retaliation. It has yet to come.

Day 9: While at a tavern night at the Lush House he meets a firecracker named Sennah. She is an alcoholic gypsy dancer. Dante brings her back to his casino where she agrees to work.

Day 11: Sennah introduces Dante to anther young woman named Mara. Se too is a gypsy dancer. Dante gives them a small apartment to share as payment for their services.

Day 20: The Redrum Casino's grand opening finally happens. It appears to be a success with Sennah and Mara tending bar and providing entertainment. Aulbrey is given her own cask of akvavit. Most of the patrons enjoy themselves and ask when the next night will be that Dante can host again.

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Dante Darkheart

Joined: 12 Jul 2012
Posts: 161
Location: Jhelom and Red Fang Pointe

PostPosted: Wed Jan 23, 2013 1:16 am Post subject: Reply with quote

The Plotting

Day 1: The casino remains open but has yet to receive the same level of patronage as its grand opening. Still business is steady enough to maintain only a small profit. One night while having a drink with Mara Sennah and a new dancer and doppelgänger of Sennah now named Hannes Dante reveals his hopes for turning his business towards crime to increase profits. He instructs the dancers to lure men into Dante's service for the heavy lifting. He also instructs them to keep an eye out for potential marks. Out of pure coincidence Mara reveals she may know who possess what may well be a Moon Ruby. Dante still keeps the dancers in the dark as to his true nature and what the Moon Ruby's importance is.

Day 2: Dante begins researching the man named Elam Enoch. A man who rose from the life of little more than a slave to a vizier in the Sultans court in Nujel'm after finding the Moon Ruby. Still no evidence directly states the gem to be a Moon Ruby.

Day 3: More research tells of a location just outside Skara Brea owned by the Nujel'm Sultanate. Dante goes to the location but sees nothing. After further reading he learns that the structure is only visible and in turn accessible during daylight hours.

Day 5: Dante while having a private drink with Sennah reveals that he is a vampire and the potential that the gem being guarded is a Moon Ruby to further illustrate how important this gem is to him.

Day 8: Dante and Sennah confront Mara and shared their secret thus imparting the importance of the upcoming heist at hand to Mara.

Day 12 - 27: Dante does his best to spy on Elam Enoch. He soon learns that the Vault located near Skara Brea is nothing more than a ruse. The true vault is actually much larger and located just south of Luna.

Day 28: One night shortly after arriving in an empty street of Nujel’m he runs into Imryrr Arumunn. She informs him that the city is under the Dark Orders’ occupation. Dante inquires about Elam. Imryrr claims she has not put much effort into who has been rounded up as the occupation is still in the early stages. She promises to inform Dante if she comes across Elam. She additionally offers a job to Dante to spy on the Blue Lotus Clan. Elam returns to Nujel’m shortly after Dante leaves. He attempts to chastise Imryrr and orders her to leave but he is unable to back up his words with equal physical might. He is sent to the Debtor’s Prison where most of the citizens have been rounded up at. A quick homing pigeon is sent to catch up with Dante who turns around upon receiving it. Dante is allowed to question Elam in private. Elam is given a large dose of a nightmare inducing toxin and quickly surrenders his key to the vault but remains silent as to the final combination to the chest containing the Moon Ruby.

Day 29: Dante incorporates Tokuno into his nightly walkabout where he happens upon an opening for a tutor in the Common Language. He quickly applies as it may aid him in his job for Imryrr. He returns to Red Fang Pointe and informs Sennah of his upcoming job or jobs. Later that night while having a drink at the Lush House he is approached by Judas who begins asking him strange questions; “How do you feel about werewolves?”, “Have you ever eaten a baby?’, “Or in a fit of anger thrown a baby against a wall?”. He answered all of the questions to the satisfaction of Judas and technically honestly as well.

Day 30: upon waking for the evening a Tokunoese messenger arrives with letter from Mariko the woman who had originally posted the teaching position. It seemed that Judas’ questioning had somehow influenced Mariko’s decision as she requested a meeting face to face. Dante began to pack his things in preparation for an extended stay in Tokuno.

Temporarily Continued.....

Teacher Wanted

A Letter to Judas D'arc arrives at the Salty Dog Tavern

Hear Ye Hear Ye: Tha Blades Strike agin!
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Dante Darkheart

Joined: 12 Jul 2012
Posts: 161
Location: Jhelom and Red Fang Pointe

PostPosted: Fri Feb 21, 2014 1:07 am Post subject: Reply with quote

Dante turns Sennah into a Vampire

Sennah Being Turned

Dante begins carrying out his antagonize the citizens of Vesper....

The Viper Clan Orcs set the City of Vesper Ablaze

The Sickness of Vesper
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