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*Posted on At all Major City Banks.*

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 2015 11:43 am Post subject: *Posted on At all Major City Banks.* Reply with quote

(An event was posted on CATSKILLS by Eldaern Mallorn that looked interesting.)

on July 18th at 8:00 I would like to extend my hand to the entire community and invite you all to join me on Catskills in Skara Brae for fun, laughter and excitement. Jousting has always been a part of the Role-Playing community, but sadly it has not been done in some time. I have waited until after the elections to create an atmosphere where we can meet all the Governors of the nine major cities. There is roughly 80 Million in gold prizes to be won. I hope to see you all there!

The Pre Show;
Join us at the fairgrounds 30 minutes prior to the main event for some drinks and fun. Meet the Champions and Governors of our fine cities. Head on over to one of our booths, get your fortune read or a kiss from a young lady. Pick up a ticket for our large raffle, and possibly win your very own Dexxer suit.

The Main Event;
My plan is to have a bracket of eight to nine contestants. With single round eliminations leading into the finals, which will then become a best of three. I am not aware of the last time a jousting tournament has been held on the Catskills server. Each major city will be represented by both their Governor as well as a chosen Champion.

The rules are as follows;
- Governors will be asked to select a single champion only.
- Handcrafted plate armor of GM quality will be made by Sven Steelguarde
- All lances to be crafted by Sven Steelguarde. These will be imbued with UBWS
- There is to be No spellcasting. No Divine Fury, or Evasion etc. before a tilt. This is to be based on skill.
- Use a real horse (Ie: not an ethy) is a must.
- There is to be no jewelry, or arties of any kind.
- single round eliminations prior to Finals.
- Finals will be a best of three.
*Please contact me @ ICQ - 693916775 for all crafting needs.

1st place 20M (Gold Trophy)
2nd place 10M (Silver Trophy)
3rd place 5M (Bronze Trophy)

Side Events
The Gold Drop - Roughly eight millions in prizes. Gold will be split amongst the Greeters. Once the “hand” drops they will quickly toss gold checks into the arena while the spectators run frantically attempting to pick up as much as they can. Simple event to allow “everybody” to win.
Pick the Pea – Two million gold will be given to a random greeter. The greeters will stand in a line and a random spectator will have a chance to choose what greeter is holding the prize. If selected properly, they will win. (May just cheat and let them win anyways.) A seat will be chosen prior to seating, the person who sits in that seat will be the lucky player.
The Raffle – There will be a dexxer imbued armor set. (I can give details on stats later.) Random numbers will be placed within an in game book. Each random number will be paired with a random five letter word so that no spectator is able to cheat. The number will be drawn from a hat and the prize given to them.

*Note; I ask that the Governors remain seated for all events, and enjoy the crowd.

Champions of Britannian Jousting Tournament itinerary.
· Pre - Champion and Governor Party (8:00pm est 30 min before actual event)
· Main Event / Introduction of Champions and Governors (8:30pm est)
I. Will Introduce each City with Governor
ii. Governors Will introduce their champions to the crowd and take their seats
iii. Champions will walk to waiting area
· First Round Eliminations
i. The Gold Drop! (8 million gold to be dropped randomly in the pit for the viewers)
· Semi Finals of Champions
i. Pick the Pea Game. (2 million gold prize)
· Joust For 3rd Place
i. Raffle for (Imbued Dexxer suit crafted by Ducan Ironweaver *Value of 15m*)
· Finals of Champions
i. -1st place 20M (Gold Trophy)
ii. -2nd place 10M (Silver Trophy)
iii. -3rd place 5M (Bronze Trophy
*Trophies will be displayed Until Finals.
· After Party.

Hope to see you all there !
If there are any questions, please feel free to message me here, in private or on ICQ.
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