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The Secrets of the Repertory

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Halister Marner
Site Programmer
<b>Site Programmer</b>

Joined: 05 Oct 2006
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 27, 2023 10:50 pm Post subject: The Secrets of the Repertory Reply with quote

Where should I start? Perhaps not from the beginning, that would be a true bore wouldn't it?

You see, we scribes tend to work on a schedule. Once every, oh, decade or so, we decide to spruce things up a bit, do some renovations and the like. As we were working on making the Repertory look a bit cleaner, Scribe Archibald stumbles across something amiss. Well, wouldn't you know it, there was something hidden behind that ugly poster of Lord British on a unicorn.

Who kept such horrid things pinned to the Repertory walls? We can only assume it was Scribe Darrien, one of our number who went missing years ago. We always believed he fell into the pond outside and a crane ate him, but lo and behold, we found something far more disturbing...

The Repertory has been cleaned and renovated, with an addition of nearly 300 never before seen books. Where are the books? They await those who can find a dark secret within the Repertory walls. Only those with a keen eye and a masterful mind will be able to unlock... The Secrets of the Repertory

The Grand Britannian Repertory is located at the following co-ordinates: 38o 9'N, 42o 32'W Tokuno

"There are those who dream to escape reality, and there are those who dream to change it."
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Slightly Crazed
Slightly Crazed

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 14, 2023 7:29 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

I stopped by to visit, read books, and reminisce, only to learn that Endless Journey accounts aren't allowed to access... well, anything.

Wasn't able to look in bookshelves, read books, or leave notes for anyone in mailboxes or bulletin boards, but I did spend a while walking around the old haunts.

It was surprising how many of the buildings are still up. Charnel Hill, Sanctus, the Garden, Golgotha, and many others. So many memories, so many names I recognized on house signs, roses, guild stones, and statues.

I just sat for a while, listening to Stones play in the background, eyes closed, reliving the years I spent weaving in and out of hundreds of stories.

My formative years were spent living in a very isolated area, and this community was my only social outlet. From my early teens until I was twenty-one, this place and the people here were everything to me. The characters I met, the friendships we had, and the adventures we shared together in those years are just as real to me as anything I've done in the twenty years since. Who I became as an adult was so greatly shaped by my experiences here; everything from my tastes in music and art, down to my moral compass, personal values, and way of looking at the world, stems from the influence of characters, stories, and players from this community.

There's not a day that goes by truly that I don't think of you all, and wonder where you are, how your lives have turned out, who still remembers, and who's passed on.

Twenty years have passed, but I still love and miss this place, and everyone who ever called it home.
If you remember Aerilyn, Kasera, or Jessie

I can be reached at:

Discord: Kalinex & Raistlin804
Steam: Kasera / 33841041
Email: TheRomanFox @

Still above ground as of September 2023.
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