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Spellsword Mercenary

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2012 5:58 pm Post subject: Spellsword Mercenary Reply with quote

A young man sat outside the bank in Haven, staring for a while at the little squad that stayed organized one beside each other, while he tried to understand what was going on. The misterious powers that drag him from Sosaria to far away lands for years and suddenly back always come with painful amnesia.

Moonglow needs you. Said a bald man pointing straight at him, his face rough and ugly probably from the battles he had fought. From the stripes in his robe, he must be a renowned army leader.

The first thougt was to mock these people for standing there secluded from the ornery crowd like himself, talking in a manner he found funny and couldn't fully comprehend. Offended by the mockery, the squad challenged to solve their matters in a fair duel, which his spirit made impossible to not accept. He couldn´t help appreciating the will to solve it face to face.

They fought a drawn out duel, the young Mercenary and the bald General, in which the amnesia seemed to always keep him one step behind until he was defeated. He stood there waiting for the people to tell him how foolish he was, and to go away in shame, but it did not happen. For these people, it was only business, nothing personal, and after it's done it's done. He liked the approach. That's how mercenaries like to deal with army people.

The thougt stayed in his head for a few days, until he couldn't resist to visit Moonglow, where he found General Acheron once again:

You said you were recruiting.

Moonglow is always recruiting. But as a General it's not for me to decide.

Some other people showed up, and defeated him over and over until they got tired of it. Being a man of few but sharp words, the Mercenary, also tired from being defeated, asked directly:

So, can I join?

Wait, are you seriously thinking of joining?
Replied the Mayor.

Disbelief seemed a fair price to pay for the way he had acted before. He replied:

I need to fight meaningfull battles once more.

Be warned that we are outmanned and outsupplied.
Said the General.

Despite the amnesia, he could loosely remember fighting many battles himself. Always unnoticed, like a veteran Squire who, despite having a big heart, was kept from going forward for his lack of gifts and his free spirit, and chose to hop around instead of rooting. Even when Magery was the only school of magic officially allowed, and Tactics was the only school of battle known, when his fellow tank mages were the pride of Britannia, he somehow managed to remain mediocre. The fact that after all these years he was unable to learn nothing else is a testament to it.

Just the way I like it.

The thougt of battling armies of dreaded horses and evil cultists, or whatever foes they would encounter, did strike a cold in the spine. But the emotionless eyes had seen Sosaria in black and white and the towns overrun with flames too many times to still care. Years of mercenary work had made him self sufficient só he could choose where to belong. Even though these folks had not still decide wether or when to go to war, he had seen enough warriors to know they would not back off.

From the scarce memories, he reminds how his blades have always stayed honorable and his spells true. Inhaling the smell of war fill the lungs with something more than air, and he could start to feel it once again. He thougt again about what was said the first time he met his new brothers. Perhaps it wasn´t Moonglow that needed Feyd – it was the other way around.

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