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House of Tredici

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Moriden Tredici

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 14, 2012 8:51 pm Post subject: House of Tredici Reply with quote

What is The House of Tredici?
The Tredici family is a house of Wraiths. These particular Wraiths are also known as the Dark Messengers; a void, neither dead nor living. They are known to feed on the pain, suffering and misery of all beings. With the feeling anger being enticing as well, wraiths will mark the most powerful, dangerous and darkened souls of the living. Wraiths have the power to attach themselves to an individual; controlling their minds and bending their soul to benefit themselves. Wraiths are also known for devouring souls completely.

House of Tredici Family Crest

The Personality of a Tredici Wraith
Just like any other creature, every wraith has their own individual personality. Though this is true the nature of the creature does sometimes present itself taking over any and all possible human instinct it may have. For example most wraiths would keep to themselves, only seeking out humans when needing to "feed." They are seen more when pain, anger, suffering and misery is present.
The Tredici dislike other undead beings, especially Vampires. Vampires are viewed as lower life forms that are wasteful and destructive of living beings.

Touch Of The Wraith
A mere touch will allow the wraith to feed from a living being without knowledge. The being will feel some dizziness and general malaise. Wraiths wear gloves to prevent gluttony.

Kiss Of The Wraith
A kiss by a wraith will syphon the soul in greater quantities. While a kiss can be of passion, a kiss is often draining the being completely to death is the objective. Wraiths will kiss those who are dying to feed upon the vulnerable soul that prepares release from the body.

Wraith Forms
"Wraiths carry their own worst enemy around with them. It is said Wraiths carry with them two split personalities"

The Shadow
The true wraith form, also known as the "Shadow”. A Tredici Wraith female resembles what is commonly identified as Lady of the Snow, the Tredici male as a Dream Wraith. The Shadows are seen on battlegrounds, fighting arenas, etc. The Shadows are also seen at the time of death when the soul is ripe and vulnerable for the taking. The Shadows are dark and menacing beings with no regard for the lives of others.

The Psyche
The Psyche is the form in which the wraith takes that would appeal to living beings. It is in this state that a wraith is its weakest. The Tredici female and male forms are raven haired with bright green eyes and extremely attractive.

Not much is known about any particular weakness to the wraith, though when a wraith is its' Psyche form it is at its weakest. Failing to feed will eventually lead a Wraith to its demise.

Life Span/feeding
Wraiths do not age. If a wraith does not feed it ceases to exist.
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