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~ ARPC Conduct & ROE ~

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 08, 2012 8:15 pm Post subject: ~ ARPC Conduct & ROE ~ Reply with quote

((The following is a repost copied straight from the Great Assembly Hall section of ARPC.))

Atlantic's Commonly Accepted Roleplay Guidelines

PvP Guidelines

1) Stay in character at all times. Even though combat is occurring around you, you must react to all situations from an in character perspective.

2) You must RP first before attacking anyone. Intentions for attack must be made clear. Make sure your opponents are logged in, at their keyboard, and aware they are about to come under attack. Before attacking, make sure you give a short warning; "Halt!" "Have at you", "You are under arrest", etc, and make sure they react to it.

3) If you get knocked unconscious (killed) in character, then you are considered injured for 15 minutes (unless otherwise agreed between guildmasters). In that time you must keep your death robe on. You may not join the battle, or do any other demanding actions in character. You may RP being injured, and as such talk with others, but you may not help or interfere with any ongoing battle in any way. You can not log in a different character to rejoin a battle.

4) A player can only loot his or her own body when the fighting has moved away from them, as auto-loot automatically drops the death robe to the ground, and in the heat of battle people can get attacked when disrobed. Once you have looted your corpse, put your death robe back on and retreat from battle.

5) Those wearing death robes may not be attacked under any circumstances.

6) No looting is allowed.

7) Each combatant has only one life. Once you have fallen you may not re-enter the battle.

8) Summoned or tamed pets are allowed in combat. Pets have only one life, and when killed they can not rejoin the battle. If the tamer dies before the pet, the tamer may not continue to give the pet orders or participate in battle in any way.

9) All weapons, skills, equipment and special moves are permitted during combat.

10) Killing enemy pets is not permitted unless the pet or the owner is attacking you or your allies.

Conduct Guidelines

1) Stay In Character (IC) at all times. Remember what your characters background is, act and speak in a manner appropriate to that.

2) Keep all Out of Character (OOC) talk in party, guild chat, or ICQ.

3) [Square brackets] should only be used as a very last resort to convey OOC messages.

4) The community PvP rules must be followed when involved in combat situations.

5) Complaints, grievances or any other issues should be brought to the attention of your respective guildmaster in the first instance, or assistant guildmasters if the guildmaster is unavailable via ICQ or PM, preferably after any event is over.

6) Your guild abbreviation must be visible at all times. The only exception to this rule is if you are roleplaying being undercover.

7) You may not metagame. Taking out of character information in game (IG) is strictly prohibited. Everything your character knows must come from public in character posts geared to you or everyone in general, or more importantly from interacting with other characters in game. You do not instantly know someones name just because it is hanging over someone's head, nor would you know the guild or guild title without interacting with the person. If someones profile is a history of that character rather than a description, you do not instantly know the persons history just by reading the profile.

8) Godmoding is not allowed. You may not force other players into RP situations that are uncomfortable for them on an out of character level. You may not make emotes that infringe upon the roleplay or comfort level of another person, nor may you emote major changes to the environment around you unless everyone involved is in agreement.

9) You may use all skills your character has to supplement your roleplay.

10) Releasing dangerous pets around roleplayers is strictly prohibited.
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