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Hirk’oto Takeamada

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 09, 2012 4:36 pm Post subject: Hirk’oto Takeamada Reply with quote

Character Profile:

Hirk’oto Takeamada (Daimyo of Sukuri Province, Island of Homare-Jima)


30 year old Tokuno male, standing 6 foot tall, weighing 170 pounds muscular, has dark blond hair and green eyes, making him stand out among his fellow citizens. Well-tanned from being outdoors a lot, this gives the appearance of being older than he is. When seen without a rubbish, his back is covered in multiple welt type scars across his upper back; he also has what appear as 20 whip marks, on his left front ribs, there are two hove prints.
Work Description:

He is a born military man, when given a task; he takes to it immediately and does not waste time. If given the opportunity, he would work around the clock to complete a task, only stopping for food and water to restore his energy.


Upon first contact, he seems to come off as shy, not saying much, he watches and listens to all that’s around him. Follows orders to the letter and commands some would say to the point of cruelty, but he is just and fair by those who know him well. He will not ask something of someone that he has not done himself. Because of his background he moves easily in court or in the field with the lower class. When time presents, he is always writing in small books.


Takeamada was born in a small Village just north of the main city. His father was a grandmaster bower-fletcher, and made Yumi’s and arrows for the military. His mother died at child birth. His family name is Takeamada; his given name is Hirk’oto, a name he has grown to hate because of his uncle, who he was named after, was beheaded for treason.
During the rebellion, he supported the throne of Tokuno when Lady Miko who was kidnapped by Daimyo Lahan. Takeamada with a hand full of archers manages to lay down a wall of arrows allowing the loyal forces to complete its mission and return Lady Miko home safely.
After the fight Lord Takeamura, Takeamada’s Uncle was put on trial and was sentence to death, along with his entire house hold. Takeamada intervened on their behalf and begged for their life’s.
It was the magistrate who decided that Takeamada would be lashed with a Bukuto once for each member of the house Takeamura. He would be lashed until he passed out or died, for each lash he stayed coherent for, they would spare one life. He was able to endure 113 lashes before passing out.
When he came to, he was given a list of all the house members and was told to mark the names the living, he had until sunrise.
At sunrise the next day the magistrate took the list and read aloud the names. They were pardon and freed, the rest were beheaded as Takeamada was forced to watch. For his actions Lord Shimakaze requested that both house Takeamada and Takeamura be added to his clan. After much debate by the Imperial council, it was granted. His uncle was beheaded for treason to the regions lord. Takeamada was granted a minor house
His father was sent to Trinsic; to the head of the Paladin order there in to learn to craft other types of bows. So they moved from Tokuno to the city of Trinsic, where his father enrolled him in school for paladins. A few weeks after this, his father died while heading to the moon gate, kill by Ogres.

Takeamada took his studies seriously as he knew that he was on his own. He would study on his off time, never socializing with other, always putting duty and his studies first.

He met a fellow Paladin, Michael Hawk of Trinsic. They were both duty bound and became close friends. Michael Started teaching Takeamada the ways of the Virtues. Which Takeamada took to heart! In honor of his father, Takeamada choose archery as his fighting skill, shunning all other weapons.


He is loyal to a fault and can carry a vendetta until death.


He is trying to reestablish his family name to what it once was.


“If you run from an arrow, you will only die tired!”
“Lead them, Follow them or Die for them! It’s the only honorable way to command!”

Lore and Miscellaneous:

Hove prints; Made by an attack by a nightmare when he was kick, which also broke two ribs.
Lashes; For attacking members of the Yew Church at mass when they attacked the citizens who would not convert, he picked up two additional broken ribs and has 20 lash marks from a beating from Father Siegfried.
Welt Marks: Were made by a Bukuto during his beating to save 113 lives.
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