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BLooD Day Tuesdays (server-up til **midnight)

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 16, 2012 2:10 am Post subject: BLooD Day Tuesdays (server-up til **midnight) Reply with quote

The day is set. Tuesdays. Edit: This will only be when D|O is not in a rp state of war with another/other guild(s).
Start time is Server-Up. End time is when we want to end it or midnight, whichever comes first.

Blood Day is for D|O only. Don't kill "outsiders", except under normal, everyday circumstances that call for it. (basically, don't go around attacking Oranges, reds, or fel randoms)

If/when you die, drobe time is 5 minutes. ( I cut drobe time in half since your brethren are merely trying to beat you into unconciousness and not actually trying to kill you, & so we can have more fun sooner.)

There are just 2 Safe Houses for all: Inside Dark Order/Armunn Keep and Inside Aulbrey's Lush House.

Team fights are fine.

Ganking is fine.

Any means of causing physical harm is fine. (weapons, magic, pots, etc)

NO non-D|O is allowed to participate. Do NOT ask "outsiders" for help with either harming or escaping from harm. If an "outsider" tries to heal you, KILL them if in fel. Warn them not to, if in tram ruleset area.
(a slave fleeing through a moongate that just happens to pop up from an outsider is fine.) Outsider help/aid, if proven to be intentional, will be seen as an OFFENSE against the Dark Order as a whole, and a direct assault on the Honor of the one that was aided. They will then become viewed as "the enemy" in that situation, or, at the very least, a hostile. D|O acknowleges that idiots exist and may choose to warn the offending "outsider" against aiding, IF they so choose to do so.

D|O Civilians (slaves, family, craftspersons, etc) ARE free game UNLESS they yell "I SUBMIT" or "I SURRENDER" or they escape by running away.

Dark Order Soldiers are NOT to flee, run, escape, surrender, or submit....Ever.

Do NOT kill pack animals (pack horse, pack llama, beetle).

You may not go inside someone's home to kill the home owner/resident. You may kill any D|O guests. (example: Stelios is visiting Bree at her husband's (Ralph's) house. Stelios is free game, but Bree rply lives in that house & is safe.)

Don't kill a crafter who is in transit with pack animals if there is any chance the packys might die.


Drobe = Deathrobe (that nifty white robe you get just for dying!...that booger that just doesn't want to leave your finger)
Drobe Time = How long after a battle you must wear your death robe, signifying that you are not eligible for combat at the present time. (In ARPC battles, drobe time is 10 minutes, but for inguild D|O's Bloody Tuesday, drobe time is 5 minutes)
Drobing = aka rez killing. Killing someone wearing a death robe. THIS IS AGAINST ARPC RULES. This is bad. This is a no no. Tarothin, you see this right? So stop drobing your daughter/me!

outsider = Non-D|O.
A special note in relation to outsider help/aid. OOCly, outsiders helping could be a fun/good thing as it has the potential to lead to rp with that person, that person's guild, and even up to an all out vendetta war, depending on the rp of it all. RPly, this is a blood offense commited on one of our brethren's Honor. The offense done is felt even more if the one being helped was/is in the ranks (a soldier).
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