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For Nostalgia's Sake

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Honored Member
Honored Member

Joined: 03 Feb 2004
Posts: 133
Location: Moonglow City

PostPosted: Tue Jun 23, 2020 5:01 pm Post subject: For Nostalgia's Sake Reply with quote

In-between adventures, I get a painful hankering for reminiscent strolls through Moonglow.

I've been meaning to transcribe my experiences with the account recovery folks at EA for a while now. It's a thing of astounding wonder and hilarity. I have the fortune of being in a position in my profession to raise any of the community management folks, and had lengthy conversations with them about how remarkably bonkers the process is. In a separate conversation about this, Malicite mused that he tried the same, though didn't quite engage in the more exhaustive social engineering I had undertaken. I'd lost my account when evenstar passed away - she had held onto it for safekeeping for the longest time. I wanted to meander around the island, just to see if the rocks and trees where still where I left them, though I'm pretty sure they are. The memory is no doubt more colorfully painted than the reality, so it's likely for the best that my attempts to hop back in the old Mayor's skin met with a wall of EA bureaucracy. I won't try too much harder - EA's mail servers actually blocked me. Which, I have got to say, is one of the most giggle-fit inducing things I've bumped into in a long time. Were I a vengeful sage, I'd go full Lum on the asinine and draconian measures in place for what is quite frankly a game that is older than Google.

I do keep in touch here and there with Aleph, Azalin, Azrielle, Molly, Dryzzid, Alucard, and a few others, all doing well in their own right. I do hope all my former MTCers are doing well and thriving out there in the great wide world.

As an aside and of possible tangential interest, I founded forums over at PC Gamer earlier this year. If any of you old codgers are still active gamers and hang in forums, you're welcome to swing by sometime.

Semper Veritas,
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Joined: 30 Dec 2003
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 06, 2020 11:09 am Post subject: Reply with quote

I was wondering what happened to the HQ, it had fallen by the time I started messing around in 2017 again. I remember thinking "Oh no I hope Pawnie banked his wine". There's not much left on Verity from the ARPC days, though VirulLord's home and the Hampstead House are still there on Felucca from the volunteer days. OH, and the AMT restoration is still there.

The old Regency HQ is still standing, the SCT is still up with the Fogwood blessing, and the Hungry Halfling fell some time last year, but I replaced the plot and rebuilt the tavern in the spirit of the original design. Sadly, we were able to confirm that the Halfling fell because Zym Dragon passed away, and there is now in-game memorial in his honor next to the Halfling. The blessings are still up.

Leiah's Rune Library fell last year or the year before. WYU is still standing. Tati still has the Sanctus buildings up and the town banner there. Rune Artisem has the Golgotha on Ice Isle Fel up again, and Charnel Hill is still up outside of Umbra.

Many town banners still stand though the Humanis town banner was removed on Magincia. I'm sure there's much more that has faded into oblivion.

The Atlantic Repertory is still up and actively curated, and still houses all the in-game fiction collected over the years as well as various seer and EM items - though the in-game writings have been pulled to a ZIP file now and can be downloaded by anyone.

That all being said, the Endless Journey thing is up now so one can make a free account and run around with several silly limitations.
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Bellrick Ospen

Joined: 06 Jul 2020
Posts: 4

PostPosted: Tue Jul 07, 2020 11:02 am Post subject: Reply with quote

It's far and out of the way but Cear and I still hold Blackrock in Felucca Fire Island.
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William Smit

Joined: 13 Jul 2008
Posts: 3
Location: Rome, GA

PostPosted: Sun Jul 19, 2020 3:33 am Post subject: Reply with quote

Good to know you’re well, old antler head.

Thanks for burning me alive. Twisted Evil

I have some fond memories from the old days, though a lot of it has faded. I do miss WYU, the Yew Council, Serpent’s Cross, the orcs, and on and on.

I really wish I could find pics of that one battle where about 100 Regency fought the Stormreavers at the Yew Council Hall. All I can remember was lag. Laughing

- Smit
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